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Long-life Electrode
● The non-lead assembled ion selective electrode is made from the imported material,Audicom applies silver chloride inner electrode,avoid the risk of early failure.
● The special full sealing technology is used for all electrodes, For this purpose, the leakage of electrode (especially for the reference electrode easily leaked) can disappear, the reliability and service life can increase and the maintenance of electrode can be done automatically by instrument.
Simple and Quick Hand Sampling
● When the sample is measured, open the sampler, Insert a sample into a sample-feeding probe, press ”YES”, than turn off sample-feeding probe.
Friendly Interface
● It applies LCD liquid crystal display, English interface, YES/NO digital key combination, It is simple for this optimum operation mode and hierarchical menu control to operate. Each of operators can grasp the operation method rapidly under English leading shown in Instruction Manual.
Reagent Matching (ISE)
● The reagent kit of AC9101 electrolyte analyzer consist of A calibration reagent, B standard reagent.
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