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The  former  of Audicom Medical Technology Co.,Ltd is Zhenjiang Aucom Medical Engineering Corporation. The initial enterprise logo is

The logo of 1994

Zhenjiang Audicom Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd was founded in due form in Nov. of 1996 ; and started to use new logo:

The logo of 1996

Audicom Medical Technology Co.,Ltd started to use the brand-new logo in Oct . of 2007.

The logo of 2007

In the left of the new trademark appears a round capital letter A, meaning the best product and service offered by AUDICOM. A is the alternative word of the best and the first. Two energetic camber lines in the mark of round letter C A symbolize the health brought by AUDICOM who serves for medicine with modern technology, which makes you feel completely relaxed and happy as the spring breeze blows. The capital word AUDICOM marks the cultural idea of AUDICOM, seeking for scientific and technical mystery and creating healthy living. The people of AUDICOM cherish it as taking good care of their eyes. The new trademark of the enterprise grows up healthy and strong in the global medical devices market full with vitality.

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