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Jan. of 1994
Zhenjiang Aucom Medical Engineering Corporation was founded in due form.
Oct. of 1994

The first AC902 Na / K analyzer was developed successfully and was put into

production and delivered to user in that year.
Nov. of 1995
The first AC980 K /Na / Cl /Ca  /PH analyzer was put into production and was
delivered to user.
Nov. of 1996

Zhenjiang Aucom Medical Engineering Corporation was deleted while Zhenjiang

Audicom Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd was founded in due form.
Jun. of 1998
Five models of AC series electrolyte analyzers were completely put into produ-
-ction and delivered to user.
Apr. of 2001
Our company  became  a  member  of Jiangsu Medical Apparatus Association.
Aug. of 2001
AC series electrolyte analyzer was upgraded successfully.
Mar. of 2002

Our company  was  awarded  as  the  member unit of General Administration of

Quality  Supervision  by the   Quality  and  Technology  Supervision  Bureau  of Zhenjiang.
May of 2004

AC880 series biochemical analyzer was put into production and delivered to user.

Oct. of 2004
Our company gained ISO9001:2000/ISO13485:2003 Quality System Authentication.
Oct. of 2005
Our company  obtained  an order for 935 sets  of electrolyte  analyzer  from the
Ministry  of  Finance and  the Health  Department  of  Sichuan  Province. All the
products are delivered within agreed period and none is returned.
Aug. of 2007
Our  company  moved  to  High-tech    Development  Zone  of  Zhenjiang  City 
(Zhenjiang High-tech Industry Park) in due form.
Nov. of 2007

AC9000  series automatic electrolyte  analyzer was  registered  in  the  Food  and

Drug Administration of Jiangsu Province in due form
Apr.of 2008

AUDICOM AC9000 series automatic electrolyte analyzer was approved and re-

gistered by Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration, and deliveried first product
to customer at 18 April.
Aug.of 2008
AUDICOM AC9000 series automatic electrolyte analyzer was approved High-tech product by Jiangsu Technology Bureau.
Dec.of 2008
AUDICOM was completed electrolyte analyzer application task for three Patents
of Invention, several Patents of Utility Modle and one Patent of Appearance.
Jan.of 2009
AUDICOMs Development Project of New & High-tech Medical Product was
  obtained I.A.R. reward capital from Zhenjiang Finance Bureau.
Jan.of 2009
Ablibaba and Trust.Alibaba B2B E-Business Platform was officially launched by
Feb.of 2009
  with apporved by Jiangsu Administration for Industry and Commerce.
May of 2009
AUDICOM International Department was established, The first new type electrolyte
  analyzer exported to Thailand.??
July of 2009
AUDICOM obtained CE certificate from TUV.
Dec of 2009
AUDICOM increased registered capital to RMB10,000,000 and officially moved to
  High-tech Industrial Park Dingmao Zhenjiang JiangsuChina.
May of 2010
The registration for AUDICOM HbA1c analyzer was officially approved by Food and
  Drug Administration of Jiangsu Province
June of 2010
AUDICOM was honored as "Honest and Reliable Manufacturer for Medical
  Equipment in Zhenjiang"
Oct of 2010
AUDICOM passed ISO9001:2008 and authentication
Mar of 2011
AUDICOM AC6000 series HbA1c analyzer officially came into the market.
July of 2011
AUDICOM presented at AACC 2011 in Atlanta USA.
Jan of 2012
AUDICOM HbA1c analyzer passed the evaluation test processed by National
  Center for Clinical Laboratory.
Mar of 2012
AUDICOM obtained AAA credit grade certificate
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