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Jiangsu Audicom Medical Technology Co., Ltd is along the line of Shanghai - Nanjing Freeway in the north of Jiangsu Province, about 248km away from Shanghai in the east, 68km away from Nanjing in the west and 28km way from Yangzhou through Runyang Bridge, so it enjoys convenient transportation with Shanghai-Nanjing Freeway , Beijing - Shanghai Railway and Beijing - Shanghai High - speed  Railway  on building crossing through ; enjoys developed economy with GDP living in the ex -  row place of Jiangsu; and enjoys strong  R&D  strength  with  perfect manufacturing  equipments , therefore , this  is a precious land for our company development, also is a good homestead for our company taking root in.

the position of Zhenjiang in Jiangsu
the position of Audicom in Zhenjiang
Add :No.4 Building, High-tech Industrial Park, No. 36 Nanwei 4 Rd., Science and Technology new city,        Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
Tel +86 (511)-88880152, 88880197Service Mb+86-13655299959   Fax+86 (511)-84449169

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